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Transversal Topics, 5th of July 2021, 070001

Renewable Energies - an introduction

Younes Faydi

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*Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology, rue Porte de Paris, 71250 Cluny FRANCE

Associate editor: Lamice Denguir

Corresponding author: [email protected]

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All media are now talking about the ecologic transition, the necessity of using clean energies, proning renewable energies and calling people to adopt ecologically responsible behavior and reduce their carbon footprint... However, do you really know how to obtain renewable energies? And are they really "clean"? The author presents a series of videos explaining the functioning of the technologies used to produce renewable energies, and starts with this OpenAccess short review, that anyone, with its simplified explanations,, can see it and understand it.

Renewable Energy, 

alternative energy, 

solar energy, 

wind energy, 

hydroelectric energy, 


geothermal energy, 




The video presentation contains a review including examples for a large audience. 

 It is organized as follows:

1- A comparison between fossil fuel energy and renewable energies

2- Solar energy

3- Wind energy

4- Hydroelectric energy

5- Biomass energy

6- Geothermal energy

7- Conclusion

Engineers - Engineering Students   


20 minutes video

English with subtitles   

Support (OpenAccess):
video + pdf memo

Video abstract


Y.Faydi, "Renewable Energies - an introduction", Knowledge and Skills, Transversal Topics, 2021, 070001, ISSN 2800-2083,

Renewable Energies - an introduction

by Younes FAYDI


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