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The Engineer’s Practices, 5th of July 2021, 080001

Supervise and mentor an engineering intern

Lamice A. Denguir

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*Knowledge and Skills, Cité de l’Entreprise 200 bd de la Résistance Mâcon, FRANCE

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You will probably supervise some interns during their curriculum or graduation projects. Supervisors build an internship program to manage their interns. However, an industry environment is different from the university laboratory, and so the purpose of the internship. In order to adapt the internship management program and get the best from the engineering interns, first, in this presentation, the viewer will discover the different profiles of engineering interns, the purpose of this internship according to their academic exigence and verify if they feet the supervisor's own needs relatively to his own field (academic or industrial). Then, the 10 tips to upgrade from a simple supervisor to a mentor to get the best results from his interns are detailed.


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The video presentation is organized as follows 

 It is organized as follows:

1-Introduction to the engineering internship: why following an engineering internship, and who is supposed to manage and mentor the candidate?

2-Defining the goals: what do you expect from your interns? What are they expecting from their internship? What are the main differences between the industry and the university lab contexts

3-Managing the interns: 10 tips to upgrade from a simple supervisor to a mentor and get the best results from your intern with optimal efforts:• the program• the integration• the resources• the teaching• the milestones• the check-ins• the feedback• the mentor• the motivation• the reward

4-Synthesis and conclusion

Video abstract


Engineers - Managers   


20 minutes video


English with subtitles   


video + pdf memo + test


L.A. Denguir, "Supervise and mentor an engineering intern", Knowledge and Skills, The engineer's practices, 2021, 080001, ISSN 2800-2083,

Supervise and mentor an engineering intern

by Lamice A. DENGUIR


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