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Mechanical Engineering, 25th of June 2022, 010005

Process Signature – Knowledge-based approach towards function-oriented manufacturing

B. Karpuschewski* , T. Kinner-Becker, A. Klink, L. Langenhorst, J. Mayer, D. Meyer, T. Radel, S. Reese, J. Solter

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*Director Division Manufacturing Technology, Leibniz Institute for Materials Engineering, IWT, University of Bremen, Faculty of Production Engineering, Germany

Corresponding author: [email protected]



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Surface layer properties are of crucial importance for the functional behavior of manufactured components. For the vision of a function-oriented production, the relevant surface layer properties for the considered functional properties (e.g. fatigue strength, corrosion resistance) are to be generated by an adequate selection and adjustment of the manufacturing process. In order to accomplish this in a resource-efficient manner, extensive knowledge about the impact of manufacturing processes on the workpiece material is required. During the process, the material responds to external loads (e.g. process forces, temperature in the contact zone) which are transformed into internal material loads (e.g. strain, temperatures within the material, chemical potential), which then are responsible for the resulting material modifications (e.g. changes in hardness, residual stress, chemical composition). The correlation between material modifications and internal material loads is described in Process Signatures. This keynote shows exemplary Process Signatures and their use in generating targeted surface layer properties. The key scientific challenges are developments towards a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms leading to modifications in the microstructure and the derivation of suitable descriptive quantities for the responsible internal material loads, which can usually only be obtained from process simulations. Based on this, a prediction and knowledge-based generation of depth profiles of surface layer properties is possible, wherefore first approaches are presented in this keynote. 

Manufacturing processes,

Process signature  

Surface Integrity


25 minutes 


This keynote presentation was given during the 6th CIRP Conference on Surface Integrity

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The authors thank the German Research Foundation (DFG) for funding the trans regional Collaborative Research Centre « Process Signatures » - Project number 223500200 - SFB/TRR136.


B. Karpuschewski, T. Kinner-Becker, A. Klink, L. Langenhorst, J. Mayer, D. Meyer, T. Radel, S. Reese, J. Solter, 2022, «Process Signature – Knowledge-based approach towards function-oriented manufacturing», Knowledge and Skills, ISSN 2800-2083, Mechanical Engineering, 010005,

Process Signature – Knowledge-based approach towards function-oriented manufacturing
by Pr. Bernhard Karpuschewski


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