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Mechanical Engineering, 16th of March 2022, 010003

Design and Experiments with a novel robot-based WAAM system

Norberto Pires and Trayana Tankova

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*ISISE, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Coimbra, 3030-788 Coimbra, PORTUGAL

Associate editor: J. C. Outeiro

Corresponding author: [email protected]

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The objective of the webinar « Additive Manufacturing @ UC » is, in first hand, to report latest developments and advancements on Additive-Manufacturing (AM), just by inviting a collection of well-known researchers in the area. In second hand, the event will also be the start of regular talks on AM, introducing, almost in real-time, current-reports on the subject to constitute a good source of information on latest developments and trends.

In this presentation, Dr. Trayana Tankova presents the advances made in ISISE, University of Coimbra, about the design and experiments done with a novel robot-based wire arc additive manufacturing WAAM system used for civil engineering applications like the production of steel parts used in big structures having a complexe geometry aiming to replace welded structures.


WAAM, additive manufacturing, steel structure, civil engineering

Engineers - Researchers   


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N.Pires and T. Tankova, 2022, « Design and Experiments with novel robot-based WAAM system », Knowledge and Skills, ISSN 2800-2083, Mechanical Engineering, 010003,

Design and Experiments with a novel robot-based WAAM system
by Pr. Norberto Pires and Dr. Eng. Trayana Tankova 


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