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Materials Engineering, 7th of April 2022, 020002

Materials for dental engineering using AM technologies

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Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute, Dimičeva ulica 12, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Associate editor: J. C. Outeiro

*Corresponding author: [email protected]

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T. Kosec, M. Bajt Leban*, M. Jovicevic - Klug, B. Podgornik, M. Kurnik, I. Kopać, A. Legat  




In the last years, additive technologies have been used more and more in prosthodontics, especially Co alloys and Ti alloys for their excellent mechanical and corrosion properties. However, corrosion properties of elements from the same alloy produced by different technological processes might differ significantly. In this study, corrosion properties of alloys used in dental medicine produced by additive manufacturing (Selective Laser Melting SLM) are investigated and compared with those produced by conventional technologies. The results have shown differences in the microstructures of the produced specimens. It has also been found that heat treatment induced by SLM has an impact on corrosion processes such as long term passivation and corrosion performance.

The objective of the webinar «Additive Manufacturing @ UC» is, in first hand, to report latest developments and advancements on Additive-Manufacturing (AM), just by inviting a collection of well-known researchers in the area. In second hand, the event will also be the start of regular talks on AM, introducing, almost in real-time, current-reports on the subject to constitute a good source of information on latest developments and trends.


Corrosion, prosthodontics materials, additive manufacturing, SLM, materials engineering

Engineers - Researchers   in materials engineering and mechanical engineering


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T. Kosec, M. Bajt Leban*, M. Jovicevic - Klug, B. Podgornik, M. Kurnik, I. Kopać, A. Legat , 2022, « Materials for dental engineering using AM technologies», Knowledge and Skills, ISSN 2800-2083, Materials Engineering, 020002,

Materials for dental engineering using AM technologies
presented by Pr. Marjam Bajt Leban


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